Bee & Bobbin Co. began in 2017 while I was in graduate school studying marine biology. I am a scientist by day and a sewist by night (and weekend!). I've always had an appreciation for fabric and handmade items which grew even more when I started quilting. I started out making blankets and bedding as gifts for friends and family that grew into requests for additional items and gifts for others!

Everything you see on Bee & Bobbin's website is handmade with a lot of love and care! I truly enjoy seeing my products in my customer's homes. It makes all those hours of being covered in thread and fuzz from head to toe all worth it when I see photos of people enjoying what I have created!


No two items are exactly the same, since they are all handmade. Pattern placement varies with each item, making them all unique. I find something magical about that and I hope my love for handmade goodies shines through my products.

I am so very grateful for everyone's support so far and I strive to continue to bring unique products to you and your little babes!


Baylye xo


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